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Kylin Floor, Inc.'s Oiled Oak finished flooring must be maintained differently than polyurethane or aluminum-oxide finished floors.  We recommend Woca Cleaning and Conditioning products to clean and maintain our Oiled Oak floors.  

Never use products containing alcohol on your Kylin Floor Inc. Oiled Oak flooring.   Many cleaning products use alcohol, which is drying agent, however alcohol can break down the oils, and damage your Floor.

Application of Woca Maintenance Oil After Installation:
After the initial installation of your Oiled Oak floors, a light coat of the Woca Clear Maintenance Oil is recommended. For best results, follow the manufacturer's application instructions.

Regular Cleaning:  
For regular daily upkeep of your floor, a simple sweeping or vacuuming is all that is required.  A floor vacuum with a hardwood floor attachment or one in which the beater brush can be turned off should be used to avoid scratching or damaging the floor.  For a slightly deeper cleaning of your floor, Woca Cleaner is recommended.  Use a standard sponge mop in which the water can be squeezed out. The mop should be damp, NOT WET. Excess moisture can damage your floor. Simply mop your Oiled Oak Floor, according to the manufacturer's instructions.  

Annual Maintenance and Conditioning:  
Depending on the environmental conditions and amount of traffic, annual application of Woca Maintenance Oil is recommended to moisturize and condition your floor.  This may also help enhance both the graining and color of the floor.  In dryer climates and on areas that receive a higher amount of traffic, more frequent application may be necessary to properly maintain your floor.
The entire floor should be maintained at least annually. Regular application of the Maintenance Oil will provide longer-lasting protection and help to keep your floors looking beautiful.


The correct care and maintenance of your Hardwood floors is very important to protecting the look of your floors. We recommend routinely cleaning your floors with Woca cleaning products.  They can remove dust and debris before scratches can occur and keep you finish from dulling.

Clean your floors as often as possible. Keeping your floor free from dirt and dust helps prevents scuffs and scratches.

All drips and spills should be cleaned up thoroughly, as soon as possible to avoid damage.

The use of rugs or door mats at interior and exterior doorways can be helpful to keep debris and moisture from being tracked in and damaging floors.  Felt pads on furniture legs can also help protect floors from damage.  Animal nails should be kept trimmed.  And care should be taking when wearing high heeled shoes.  Make sure no metal is exposed from the heel.

Never use products which consist of harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, acrylic, wax, detergents, bleach polishes, oil soap or vinegar.  Never wet mop your hardwood floors and never us a vacuum with a beater bar.

Keep humidity between 35% and 55%.